Blue Days Black Nights - Crew Shirt

Blue Days Black Nights - Crew Shirt

This is a NEW design for 2022!

An easy-on-the eye Blue Plaid aptly named "Blue Days Black Nights".

This design is not only cool spectrum of blues, it is a tribute to Buddy Holly - the Rock & Roll legend whose plan crashed near Clear Lake on Feb 3rd 1959.

"Blue Days Black Nights" was one of his songs. We like to put a little Iowa history into our designs when possible.

Feb 3rd 1959 is known as "the Day the Music Died". Not only did Buddy Holly die in the plane crash, but did fellow headliners Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson.

This year's RAGBRAI route won't go directly by the crash site, but it's 14 miles away from Mason City and there is a shrine in Clear Lake only 10 miles from downtown Mason City.

Bonus - Look for Buddy's iconic glasses subtly showing on the rear of the crew shirt and hidden under the collar.

Don't know (or care) who Buddy Holly is? It doesn't matter if you wanna rock some Blue Plaid sporting the BIKEIOWA logos!
The fit, style and functionality of these crew shirts are SICK and one our OUR favorite apparel pieces to wear on and off the bike!

Wear it alone, or with your bestie in a Women's Gemini Tank Top.

  • Under the collar you'll find Buddy Holly's iconic glasses, plus the name of the song
  • Front Pocket
  • Inside front Pocket - special "day the music died" RIP message
  • 2 Rear Angled zippered pockets
  • Collar
  • REAR LOGO - the blue around the rear logo will be removed in the final product. We'll update with new images soon.
  • REAR GLASSES - we are still working on the exact placement of these. We'll update with new images soon.
  • Snaps (not buttons like photos show)
  • No Elastic in Sleeve
  • No Elastic in Waist
  • Black sleeves and should area give a clean look and "not too much" plaid.
  • Fabric: Cyno
  • Traditional Stitch
  • By Primal Wear - Read the BIKEIOWA Feature on Primal Wear.
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