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Why advertise with BIKEIOWA?

Iowa has been a destination for cycling for decades and it is super-popular right now with all age groups and demographics. No matter if you ride the trails, the roads, commute, race, or ride recreationally, we have you covered. Content is king and BIKEIOWA is the place cyclists go to get information on all things cycling related in Iowa.

We view our bike-friendly sponsors as partners by providing exposure through BIKEIOWA to our viewers. Thousands of cyclists visit BIKEIOWA each day from Iowa, the Midwest and beyond. The sponsors who "Win" are engaged with BIKEIOWA all year round helping us promote you. BIKEIOWA.com provides targeted advertisements and social media blasts to make sure you're reaching as many cyclists as possible and letting them know about your business or product.

We have a very active social media and search engine (SEO) presence with thousands of followers

Here is a good link that explains in more details how to "Promote My Business" along with some testimonials. http://www.bikeiowa.com/promote-my-business
There is no site like BIKEIOWA in the Midwest and perhaps the USA. We house the most comprehensive Event Calendar, post hundreds of Events, News, Features and Reviews each year. We love our social media and are good at it. We can get your the exposure you are looking for.
For a list of BIKEIOWA.com's current Sponsors, click here.
Please email biker@bikeiowa.com for more demographic, pricing and traffic information.

Who Can Sponsor BIKEIOWA?

Anyone! - Any Business can get some great direct marketing! BIKEIOWA receives thousands of views from all over Iowa and the U.S. every day. 
    • Businesses - Restaurants, Bars, Lodging, Bed and Breakfasts, T-shirt shops, insurance agents, Window treatment businesses are just a few types of businesses that advertise with BIKEIOWA. What do you want to advertise?
    • Bike Shops - BIKEIOWA is the perfect place to get more exposure, promote your sales, events, other shop news.
    • Cities - We love to promote bicycle tourism! There is no better place in Iowa to promote your trails and amenities to cyclists. Cyclists spend millions of dollars each year in Iowa.
    • Trail Associations - we realize most of you are non-profits and raise your own funds for trail related items. BIKEIOWA's rates are very cheap and usually cost just a couple of bucks a day to advertise.
    • Bike Clubs or Teams - Advertise your Team/Club affiliation on the Sponsor page!
    • YOU - If you are an individual who uses the site to finds rides on the weekend or keep updated on Iowa cycling news, a donation is always appreciated.
    Are Sponsorship monies tax deductible?
    No. BIKEIOWA has chosen not to file as a 501c3 at this time mostly due to the extra accounting time and IRS scrutiny.

    YES - I want to Sponsor BIKEIOWA! What's next?
    GREAT! You can purchase a sponsorship right online or you can contact biker@bikeiowa.com with any questions. If you wish to sponsor BIKEIOWA.com with a another method of payment, please email for an address.
    Don't see a plan that works for you? Let's talk. We are always looking to be more creative for our advertisers and sponsors.