2021 - BIKEIOWA Year In Review

August 03, 2022 Scott Sumpter

BIKEIOWA has now been as an informational website dedicated to making cycling better in Iowa for TWENTY YEARS !!! A BIG milestone for us!
As we mentioned in last year's review, if we look back at almost two decades, the internet was just a baby and at that time, your best place to find out about rides was Club newsletters and bulletin boards at your local bike shop. There were no cell phones, no Google, no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. BIKEIOWA (fka CIBROC) was initially created to house a small list of events and grew to become one of the most comprehensive cycling websites for Iowa bike rides, news and events in the Midwest and beyond.
We thought the Iowa cycling scene and trails were pretty darn good back in the early 2000s, but little did we know that 20 years later, the Iowa cycling scene and world-class trails system has become the envy of every other state!

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