Happy Biking !

January 11, 2019 Scott Sumpter

2019 is here and so is the cycling season! Does the cycling season really ever end? We don't think so. Our BIKEIOWA gear line-up has something for everyone. * Jerseys, T-shirts, Caps, stickers, patches * Long sleeve, Short sleeve, Sleeveless Come see us at the Iowa Bike Expo on Jan 26th on Des Moines.  


December 11, 2016 Scott Sumpter

Get Ready for the 12 Day of Deals!We think everyone should be on Santa's 'Good List' so, everyone's getting deals that are really nice. Starting December 12th you can get 12% off your entire order by using the discount code '12Days' or, if you spend over $75, FREE SHIPPING applies by using the code 'XMASSHIP'. Don't wait too long as there are limited supplies and the Deals end on December 24th. SHOP NOW Make sure you get your holiday gifts on time! If you need your orders to arrive by December 24th, we recommend ordering by the 20th. Our 12...

New Product - Hoodies, Wallets and Trucker Caps

January 27, 2015 Scott Sumpter

HOODIESWe've had lots of folks request hoodies again. We printed up a small run of pull-overs and full zip up. Pullovers have a full chest print of the BIKEIOWA logo and a small cubed logo on the right rear hip. Zip-ups have a full logo on the back and a small cubed logo on front chest. WALLETSWe wanted something to hold out IDs and cash while we rode and figured you would too... TRUCKER CAPSC'mon... did ya think we were gonna go another year without a cool embroidered trucker cap? These are pretty cool to wear and cheap!

Thanks for shopping with BIKEIOWA !

January 27, 2015 Scott Sumpter

We like to design fun and unique apparel and gear for cyclists.  You'll notice we make small batches of items, sell them and move onto the next design. If you see something you want, you best buy it because we rarely print a design twice. Check back often. You'll never know what we will come up with next!