Iowa Gravel - A Gravel Buffet

Iowa Gravel - A Gravel Buffet
We coined "Iowa - a Gravel Buffet" cause there are SO many types of gravel in the state with over 70,000 miles of gravel! Each county, each road, each intersection can be different depending on the location, weather, travel patterns, etc. Did you know that 60% of Iowa roads are GRAVEL?
There are 70,662 miles of Each year we lose some miles of gravel due to road paving, developments, urban sprawl, etc.
    Here is a great-fitting "Gravel Gray" T-shirt that goes with almost everything!
    • Mfg - Canvas
    • "Gravel Buffet" and BIKEIOWA logo on and back
    • Super nice-n-soft and comfy t-shirt.
    • Style: semi-fitted t-shirt
    • 100% Cotton
    • Made in Pakistan, but printed with care here in Iowa.
    No gravel roads were harmed in the making of these t-shirts
      THANKS to T-shirt Graphix for the sweet screen print!